The Best Learning Resources for Blockchain and DLT

High-quality learning resources in the Blockchain industry are hard to find

It’s not a secret that the digital ledger market for blockchain products and services is expected to reach $60.7 billion in 2024, up from $708 million in 2017 according to IBM and WinterGreen Research. Large and small companies all over the world are looking at blockchain and DLT as a potential solution for their business case problems. At the same time, tons of resources and courses on the technology are released online each day, but most are copy-pasted or poorly thought out with little value to be had.

Finding high-quality blockchain learning resources that will teach you well, show you the methods and give you the boost for your business can be overwhelming. And in the end, it doesn’t matter how many you’ve read if you cannot receive maximum value from them

One of my daily tasks as CEO and blockchain developer at Infinite X Labs is to stay on top of everything happening in the industry both from a technical and business perspective.

That is how we came to building the ultimate learning resources list for Blockchain and DLT.
It was difficult at the beginning with cutting-edge technology as blockchain but we managed to build a process that benefits the entire team in finding valuable high-quality resources.

The following list of learning resources is based on our evaluation process and experience. What you are going to find here is quality instead of quantity. Furthermore, this is the same list we are sharing with our clients and partners so it’s already validated.

Videos & Talks



If you feel these resources weren’t enough or you’re looking to explore a specific topic or use-case for your business reach out to us here.