In the BlockLight

Today is a special day at Infinite X Labs. We’re more than excited to launch and share with you our new blog series – In the BlockLight.

What is “In the BlockLight” and why is so unique?

At Infinite X Labs, we believe the community is the driving force of every new technology and the people working with it, the ones who stay up late at night and don’t give up are the key players for its success and broad adoption.

We know the journey of these people and companies is not as easy as it might look. We started the series with the mission to create a place where the newbies entering the blockchain world, the fans, the businesses can learn more about the masters in the industry and know them better.

Who are they? What are they have achieved? How they did it? What can we learn from them?

In the BlockLight is all about them. It’s about bringing more light and showing a different side of the blockchain and the people working with it.

We are thrilled to have such amazing people already joined the “In the BlockLight” series.

We know you are already excited to find who are they but we won’t reveal them yet. 🙂

Stay tuned for our first interview.