In the BlockLight | Chapter 3 - EOS New York

They say #03 is a lucky number. We’re not sure about that, but we’re definitely sure that the next interview will excite you as much as excited us!

They are one of the top 21 leading Block Producers on the EOS Blockchain. They created the EOS Resource Planner & EOS Charge. They are always adding value!

Are you still not sure who we’re talking about? Well, it’s time to introduce you EOS New York.

Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Kevin Rose, co-founder and head of Community at EOS New York. My background is in marketing and communications and I’ve worked with fortune 500 automotive

Kevin Rose - EOS New York

companies for the past 7 years. I have been involved as a spectator in blockchain since right at the beginning of 2017. I must have spent a hundred hours over the course of a month read and listening to everything I could to understand the current state of blockchain and the solutions that were out there. It wasn’t until I read the EOS whitepaper, given to me by my co-founder in July or so, that I recognized EOS had the right approach to utilize blockchain in a real way. It wasn’t until the end of the year that I started to ask, “Where are these block producers that must be elected by the community?” As a communicator by trade, I understood how difficult the task of campaigning would be. In November, the day after my daughter was born, I had a phone call with my co-founder where we decided to become a block producer and not wait around for others to do it for us.


Tell us more about what you’re doing in EOS New York as you are explaining it to a 5 years old kid

We’re building simple and scalable solutions to position EOS as the most attractive decentralized application development platform in the world. We’ve focused on EOS resources, building and, key management, building the first EOS specific hardware wallet (still in development), and more.


EOS New York is among the top favorite block producers since the beginning. How did you manage to achieve that and how hard it was?

It’s hard to say really. I can say that the support we’ve received has been humbling and it keeps us going every day. We are self-funded and self-owned. There is no corporate backing interest, there are no investors, there is no one we have to answer to besides ourselves. Because we funded our block producer ourselves we did not have to make compromises. I think token-holders appreciated the honesty this afforded us. There was a pivotal moment, however, when we sparked an international conversation with EOS Gravity, the first block producer candidate in China, over vote-buying. At that point we became one of the first global block producer candidates.


The founding team behind EOS New York looks like they know each other since kids. Can you describe each one of the team with only one word?

We’ve known each other since college or about 10 years now. If I had to describe Rick in one word, who leads our business operations and strategy, it would be “pensive”, always taking the time to reflect and evaluate a course of action. For Buddy, our head of technology, I’d have to say “actionable”. For him, if it’s not in code it doesn’t exist.


Bloopers happen all the time in the human world. Did you have any funny situations together which you could share with us?

We went to college together so I basically can’t share anything 🙂


What’s the most valuable thing each one of the team learned about themselves that they didn’t know since being a part of the EOS New York?

As a team, the most valuable thing we test each and every day are our instincts. There is no playbook for how a block producer operates, acts, thinks, does, etc. If anything, we’re helping write the playbook now. It’s the constant testing of our abilities and gut instincts that teach us.


What is the most challenging thing about being a block producer?

The most challenging thing about being a block producer is the lack of feedback loop. In communications, you set up something called an “attribution model”. Essentially, this is your best effort to attribute your success or failures to specific aspects of your decision making. In DPOS block production you may wake up without a job and not know why. Besides the lack of job security, it’s also the stress of a non-stop network. There are no holidays, business hours, or breaks. If you’re awake then you’re working. Lastly, eosio is an evolving product so we are constantly working with something very malleable and dynamic. This makes committing to particular projects very difficult in the planning phases.


Did you have tough situations as a block producer? How you manage to deal with them? What did you learn?

In every situation that’s been tough, we always dealt with them through communication. We offer the highest degree of professionalism and service we can muster and I believe the token-holders know this. When there are mistakes we choose to be open about them because, at the end of the day, we are doing what’s best for this network and its stakeholders.


EOS New York is working on some interesting tools. Can you tell us more about them?

Sure, we released a roadmap back in July: “EOS New York Roadmap: EOS Hardware Wallet, Community Meetup Plan, & More”. The most exciting piece of this is our hardware wallet, which we believe will be the easiest and one of the most secure ways to engage with EOS dApps. We haven’t been able to release much information on it yet but we are currently in the mass production and packaging phase. The hardware itself works perfectly. Going down this path has lead us to realize a number of other unmet needs of the EOS mainnet that incorporate our hardware wallet plus a number of other open-source and user-facing products that we are just starting to develop. While we’re building out these large initiatives we are always looking for low-hanging fruit to continue to add value back into the EOS mainnet. We’ve built a number of tools, all of which can be found on our website at


What we can expect from EOS New York in 2019?

EOS New York Logo

In 2019 you can expect us to go live with our upgraded hardware in a world-class data center bringing our service to the front of the pack. You can expect a full product suite across hardware and software designed to make engaging with EOS easy and seamless. You can expect us to continue to act as thought leaders with regard to blockchain based governance like we’ve done recently with our positively received EOS User Agreement proposal, which is poised to replace the current constitution. And you can expect the same level of professionalism and value in all of our communications and products that you have seen from us thus far.


Being a young entrepreneur nowadays sometimes is not easy. What advice would you give to all young dreamers, especially for the ones who are entering the blockchain world?

Ikigai… Ikigai is the Japanese concept of “purpose” or “reason for being”. It’s the confluence of finding something you’re good at, passionate about, that the world needs, and something you can be paid to do. If you can find all of these things you will find a part of happiness.


Share your favorite quote?

“Stick and Move”.

It’s a boxing term and it translates into the idea that you must keep coming at problems from different angles, punch and move, never stop moving.


If we are young entrepreneurs following their dreams and just starting their journey in the EOS world what’s the best book each one of the team would recommend us to read?

Economics In One Lesson: Henry Hazlitt. To understand the economics of blockchain you must first understand the basics of economics. You should read this whether or not you’re an entrepreneur in EOS.


How can people reach you?

We are EOS New York on everything. I can be reached directly on telegram @eosnewyork or by e-mail at


Where they can meet EOS New York team?

You can meet us by joining our meetup group, we are planning a number of events for 2019.