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You will love them as much as you love your morning coffee. They are one of the most energized teams and you definitely could count on them if you want to survive during a zombie apocalypse.

It’s time to introduce you the team, the heroes, the legends – EOS Café Block!

Tell us more about the team behind EOS Café Block?

We are a team of four individuals at EOS Cafe Block with a variety of backgrounds ranging from software developers, financial traders, IT professionals and civil servants. Each of us saw the appeal and potential of blockchain technology from different perspectives and what it could become.


Share us the story how you become EOS Café Block. Do you have been involved in the blockchain space previously?

We had all individually been interested in blockchain and saw the potential of the technology prior to EOS. As we learned more about EOS, we felt we could play a significant role in making EOS more accessible to the public, and successful as a team coming from such a diverse background. Being a part of the network as a block producer seemed the best way to get involved.


Is there a secret behind choosing your name to include “Café”?

At EOS Cafe Block, we’re all about adoption. We believed early on that adoption was never going to happen unless crypto was so easy to use that you could buy a cup of coffee with it. We truly believe that coffee is the perfect transaction to focus on because it has to happen in 20 seconds. It’s tangible and a small part of people’s daily lives…


Would you consider opening the first EOS cafe coworking space with free Coffee?

The idea has definitely crossed our minds – except rather than free, we’d want a working Tokenomics model. We would love to see it come to life one day.



How well do you know the team?

Infinite X Labs: Each one of the team participated and indicated only one person most likely to fit the question. Here are the results:

  1. Who Is Most Likely To Rule The World? Syed
  2. Who Is Most Likely To Be The First One To Die In A Zombie Apocalypse? Maria
  3. Who Is Most Likely To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse? Syed
  4. Who Is Most Likely To Pull A Kanye On An Award Stage? Haley
  5. Who Is Most Likely To Be Batman In Real Life? Swan
  6. Who Is Most likely to adopt a penguin? Maria
  7. Who Is Most likely to be an undercover agent? Swan
  8. Who Is Most likely to be on X-factor? Haley
  9. Who Is Most likely to survive The Hunger Games? Haley
  10. Who Is Most likely to be in a super bowl ad? Swan

Favorite coffee drink?

Syed – None – Doesn’t drink coffee!
Haley – Cappuccino
Swan – Cappuccino
Maria – Americano


Bloks.io & EOSKEY.IO are some of your tools. Are you preparing something new for 2019? Can you share it with us?

With the mainnet launch in 2018, we mainly focused on creating tools that would assist and help the EOS community adopt the network quickly. We aimed to help from porting over your accounts to creating keys at ease, thus creating Bloks.io to provide the fastest and most user-friendly block explorer for EOS.

As the EOS community works together, we would like our main focus of 2019 to be directing our energies and efforts to help the mass adoption of EOS. We are currently working on multiple initiatives to help bring external parties onto EOS through continuous education and consulting on blockchain and EOS.


EOS Cafe Block - Haley

Haley – EOS Café Block


EOS Café Block participates in the creation of an educational platform. Would you tell us more about it?

We are currently taking part of the education initiative to create a one-stop shop for all EOS resources, content, tools, and more. As a beginner to EOS, it’s difficult to find information about EOS and educate yourself without having to visit numerous websites. We want to make it easy for any new comer to EOS and we are working to compile all information needed for users, whether that be a token holder, developer, or even an investor. At this time, we have a great group of community members working on this initiative, and we hope to share this project with everyone soon.


What is the most important thing people should know when starting developing a dApp on EOS? What advice can you give them?

Various factors exist when you consider developing on EOS; we would advise anyone who is developing a dApp to have a proper business plan and to plan your roadmap with high volatility because of the blockchain/cryptocurrency market.



You’re a young and passionate team. What qualities do you believe are most valuable for keeping the team spirit?

Being an EOS block producer is an emotional roller coaster for those involved. We use humor and comradery to keep us together during leaner times. Our team keeps our spirits high by focusing quality projects that may succeed in any market climate.


Favorite quote?

Be the change you want to see in the world – Ghandi


How can people reach you?

Our team is (almost) always available via our EOS Cafe Block Telegram group and Twitter account.


Where can they meet EOS Café Block team?

You can find the EOS Cafe Block team at the majority of EOS related events and conferences. We also hold meetups and are active in the blockchain community locally in Calgary, so please feel free to reach out if you’d like to connect!