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We have just started the year, but it’s time for our next and first interview for 2019. And this time we move into the EOSIO world as our guest today is part of the fantastic team behind EOS Detroit which is contributing not to one but three blockchains: EOS, Telos and Worbli.

She is a curator, activist, and Afrofuturist, a recent Detroit Mayoral candidate, co-founder and Chief Community Officer of EOS Detroit. It’s a pleasure for us to have such a gorgeous and inspiring woman as Ingrid LaFleur In the BlockLight!


Introduce yourself

I am the Chief Community Officer of EOS Detroit. I have the pleasure of educating people about blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and EOS. I am also charged with cultivating and growing the blockchain community here in Detroit.

Ingrid LaFleur - EOS Detroit


Tell us more about EOS Detroit – who are they and what they do for all people who are not familiar with the EOS network

EOS Detroit is a block producer for EOS and the sister chains, Telos and Worbli. A block producer is a service provider that runs hardware infrastructure to keep the blockchain running and maintained. Block producers are hired by token-holders via voting and earn revenues denominated in the token of the network they are serving.


“Detroit” in EOS Detroit is more than just a reference to the city. It’s about the people, are we right? Can you share more? 

Detroit inspires our work at EOS Detroit. Being based in Detroit presents a unique opportunity to be able to experiment and explore various projects that address Detroit’s challenges. Through this process of thinking locally, we can develop products that work globally.


A lot of a people are still not familiar with EOS, and EOS Detroit is contributing not to one but three blockchains: EOS, Telos and Worbli. What’s the secret? 

Due to the fact that the three networks mentioned are all based on EOSIO technology, we can use many of the same strategies that we’ve developed to serve the EOS network on these other networks. This allows us to horizontally scale our support to other chains specializing in a variety of verticals and use-cases at a lower cost.


You are preparing a product to release in Q1 of 2019. Would you tease something?

We will be announcing a product soon called Meringue. Meringue is a service to manage the ownership allocation of a venture based on the continuous contributions of each peer. This service will enable businesses to manage liquid or dynamic ownership structures more effectively, and reflect a fairer split of ownership based on quantitative data.


You’re Chief Community Officer at EOS Detroit. What’s do you think is needed to have a sustainable and healthy EOS community. What’s most challenging?

For several months I have been working to grow the EOS community here in Detroit by giving free classes and workshops where we help people acquire an EOS wallet. To make widespread adoption easier I would like access to more tools like secure mobile wallets and easy key management.



We love to ask this question every time, but we want to learn more! What are your plans for 2019?

In 2019 we are continuing our series of events to highlight the many uses of blockchain technology. We will be announcing a couple of projects we have in the works including Meringue.


We’re are starting to see a transition from Ethereum to EOS. What’s the most important thing all Ethereum entrepreneurs/developers should know before moving to EOS?

EOS is easier to develop on and has more usability features in the protocol, so it should be a seamless transition. The smart contracts are implemented in C++, so developers may want to brush up on their C++ skills.

Entrepreneurs will like the fact that EOS is more economically viable for commercialization, as the network operates much more efficiently and does not pass costs on to users via transaction fees.

EOS will enable businesses to build new products that leverage the capabilities of a blockchain while abstracting away complexity from the user such that they don’t even know that a blockchain is involved.


EOS Detroit Workshops


Ingrid, you’re a woman with a lot and diverse experience – a real example for anyone trying to achieve their dreams. What advice you can give to our readers? 

The way I’ve always realized any dream is by taking risks and learning from the experiences. 


What’s your favorite quote?

The only way to deal w/an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion. – Albert Camus 


What are the three questions each entrepreneur in this new industry should ask themselves before becoming part of it, and why?

  1. Do I really believe in the fundamentals behind the technology and the new business models it can create, or am I more interested in the market prices?
  2. Am I willing to learn about a variety of cross-sectional topics, including varying schools of economic thought, cryptography, game theory, law, governance, and incentive design?
  3. Am I willing to be intellectually honest with myself and allow my assumptions to be challenged, despite my investment portfolio?


How can people reach you and the team behind EOS Detroit?

Please feel free to email me at lafleur@eosdetroit.io 


Where can they meet the EOS Detroit team? 

On our website, we share a bit about our backgrounds, eosdetroit.io. We are available for a chat on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and on the EOS Detroit channel in Telegram and on YouTube.