In the BlockLight | Chapter 4 - EOS Canada

2018 was a marvelous year for the EOS Blockchain – the launch of the Mainnet, global EOS Hackathons.

What is the best way to finish the year if not with an amazing interview with EOS Canada! Prepare your hot chocolate and Christmas slippers and let’s dive in into it!


Tell us more about EOS Canada. What are you doing and how it is all started.

EOS Canada was put together by a team of serial tech entrepreneurs in Montreal. Having built projects in the blockchain space since 2013, we were blown away by what was presenting in their EOSIO whitepaper. EOSIO presented solutions that we knew were needed in the blockchain space from our past experience in cybersecurity, digital identity, and smart data analytics.  EOSIO was shaping up to be the fastest and most robust blockchain project to date, with clear potential to change the blockchain ecosystem in a major way.


Your logo includes the maple leaf which is the symbol of Canada. Does it have a hidden meaning?

Many turn towards blockchain as they want to see a change in the world. Canada, with its robust tech scene, especially here in Montreal, has always been a place that embraces change and forward progression. The maple leaf is the most widely recognized national symbol of Canada and less known, it was the emblem adopted by the French Canadians in the early 1700s.


EOS Canada looks like have an awesome team. Can you share with us a funny story you had together?

We have a team that has worked together in the past on other projects. So we’re very comfortable with each other, never afraid to laugh at the silly things we all do. Alex’s quirky and funny personality comes out in how he enters each and every video he puts out in a different way – jumping off a table, being spun in a chair, appearing from off-screen. We all have fun watching what he’s going to do next!

Alex Bourget - Co-Founder & CTO @ EOS Canada

Alex Bourget – Co-Founder & CTO @ EOS Canada

Infinite X Labs: Alex is so amazing! Just take a look at some of his videos on EOS Canada channel on YouTube



What the best thing about being part of the EOS Canada team?

We’ve really grouped together a strong team of deep technologists. Whenever anyone has a question, there is someone with an answer or with the ability to get the answer. We’re on the bleeding edge of a new technology, trying to push the boundaries even further. Knowing that we have the experience and skills to help push that forward, that is probably the best feeling we all get each and every day.


What was the hardest part of becoming one of the 21 EOS Blockchain Producers?

Building an entire ecosystem from scratch is a daunting task. When first joining the EOSIO community, we noticed the lack of tooling. We started out building tools so that we could make our lives easier, as well as the lives of all other Block Producer Candidates and developers who wanted to work on EOSIO. A quick list of some of the powerful tools we’ve built to date:

  • eos-go – a fully-fledged library for interacting with EOSIO in Golang
  • eosc – the most flexible & powerful command line tool for any developer to interact with an EOSIO chain
  • eos-bios – it began as a tool to decentralize the launch of the mainnet, and has since been refactored into a tool to quickly and easily boot up your own EOSIO chain with a single command
  • eos-blocksigner – the ability to store a Block Producer’s private signing keys in a secure method and allow for out-of-band signing
  • eosq – a high-precision block explorer for EOS

So the hardest part was doing all of the work that we felt the community needed and deserved. We’ve been humbled to see that the community has recognized this hard work and has rewarded us for it!


EOS Canada has a team with a strong background. Is there something you weren’t prepared for? How you manage to deal with it?

The language barrier between Eastern and Western Block Producers was something we hadn’t thought about before joining and working within the EOSIO space.
When we launched our eos-bios tool for launching the chain, we made it our mission to work closely alongside every Block Producer who wanted to learn how to successfully launch an EOSIO chain. This inspired us to enrich our team with members from the Chinese community to make the information as widely accessible as we could.

As well, we developed strong relationships with Chinese teams who had English-speaking members so that we could help to be one of the bridges that would link East to West. Along with help from a few Chinese Block Producer candidates doing a live translation, we were able to help bridge this gap more by leading test rounds of launching an EOSIO chain with up to 100 participants at a time.


Can you tease something exciting we could expect from EOS Canada the following months?

We spoke to more than 130 teams building dapps and listened closely to the pain points they were experiencing. With that information, we began working on our next project, dfuse, which provides a streaming API for EOSIO blockchains.

Some of the amazing capabilities offered by the dfuse Streaming API

  • Capture detailed aspects of an action: detailed RAM costs, deferred transactions, internal state changes
  • Quickly process the chain to gather information and state from a specified blockheight
  • The ability to be notified of changes to a smart contract’s table with deltas

Our vision is to bring the tools of Web 2.0 to EOS so that developers have the tools and capabilities they are used to. This will allow for an easier transition for those devs, as well as allow them to offer a better and more reliable product to end-users. We’re currently in beta, with many developers signing up every day!

We believe that an ecosystem is only as strong as the development community behind it. If we bring a new user over to EOS, there better be some incredible dapps for them to interact with to keep them here.


What advice you will give to all young entrepreneurs entering the blockchain world?

This space is a meritocracy. It doesn’t care how long you’ve been around, nor what your background is. Good work gets recognized. If you have an idea and can go out and get it done well, it will be recognized. We all start at the same level.

Since this is the beginning of the move towards Web 3.0, all entrepreneurs who want to help build this decentralized world can pitch in where they feel they can bring value. It’s a very exciting time, with a major revolution to how we interact with each other just on the horizon.


What it is needed to be a good blockchain entrepreneur?

The ability to take no as an answer. We’re all working on a brand new technology. If you have an idea that you believe in, don’t be discouraged if someone doesn’t share your vision either. Imagine all the early Cypherpunks giving up because they were trying something new that others didn’t think was worthwhile…


Can you describe EOS Canada and the team behind it with one world?



Favorite quote?

“When the facts change, I change my mind”

What advice you will give to all blockchain developers starting with EOS development?

In this open source world, everyone wants to help everyone else. Don’t be shy to reach out to a superstar developer. Odds are, they would be happy to help!


How can people reach you?

Our Telegram and Twitter channels are probably the best place to stop by and have a conversation with us.


Where they can meet EOS Canada team?

We try to make it out to the large gatherings across the world when we can including the EOS Global Hackathon series, like the last EOS hackathon in San Francisco. We get out to blockchain events at least once a month here in Montreal as well. Let us know where you are, and we’ll try to be there too.