In the BlockLight | Chapter 2 - shEOS

Today is an exceptional day for In the BlockLight! We’re thrilled to have the 1st Female Founded EOS Blockchain Block Producer. Yes, you know already who we are talking about – the one and only shEOS.

We want to dedicate this interview to all women, young girls and women entrepreneurs. Follow your dreams and never give up. And we hope this interview will inspire you as much as inspired us.

We’re excited to share it with you so let’s go!

shEOS is the 1st Female Founded EOS blockchain Block Producer. Could you share the story how it all started and why you decided to join the EOS family?

Our founding team spans myriad highly-skilled industries. We have fund managers, technologists, developers, a high profile magazine editor, an ER doctor, and a world-class DJ. Despite our disparate backgrounds, what we shared in common is profound inspiration and deep investment in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. We were early investors in EOS, connected through multiple social and professional avenues. So when block producer candidates began announcing, we collectively noticed a trend: zero female block producers. We decided to double down on our belief in the potential of by launching our own node on Mother’s Day 2018,  making history as a genesis block producer. It was exciting to work with fellow BPs around the world to launch the mainnet.

Viv: All of the above is definitely correct, just my story is a little bit different! I was at Shauna Mei’s house and I was speaking to her about how I was investing and setting up masternodes and how they were working for me, with all the ins and outs of it when she said “did you hear about the eos masternode”? Then we all began calling each other in a hurry to verify this information, and get the specs to qualify for a node.  Some of the women were in a blockchain fund together and then very quickly realized what a great opportunity this “eos masternode” aka “eos block producer” was for this new future we would like to create for ourselves thru EOS.

shEOS team


You have a powerful message with saying “I am shEOS”. What is the meaning behind it?

shEOS is the collective power of women helping women help the world. When women are educated and empowered, they turn around and empower entire communities, that is the nature of the feminine spirit. “I am shEOS” means that each of us stands for all of us, for every woman and every girl who seeks knowledge and opportunity to empower herself.


If shEOS can be described with only one song which it will be?

Two songs come to mind!

Imagine by John Lennon


Superwoman by Alicia Keys

If the shEOS team was in Ocean’s 8 and were part of a jewelry heist, who is the most likely to be:

The mastermind – Crystal Rose
The realist – Pamela Day
The optimist – Vivie Ann Bakos
The tech-savvy one – Jess Houlgrave
The street-smart one – Emily Bush
The one with all the important contacts – Naomi Dabby
The one who got peer pressured into it – Sandy Hill
The crafty one – Nicole Boyar


shEOS is an international team. Was it easy becoming the 1st Female Founded EOS blockchain Block Producer?

Viv: We never set out to be the 1st female founded Block producer. We were just like minded friends with a very common goal and vision of a different world. We didn’t sleep for 3 months (and still don’t sleep much) working around the clock solidifying our tech, vision, purpose, and implementing our road map.

It was not easy, but it’s been incredibly fulfilling and exciting.


You show the EOS community that a team mostly founded by extraordinary women can become a BP. What advice would you give to any future female BP that will take your path?

Be prepared to work hard, and to contribute constantly to the successful growth of the network.

Viv: Ha. Find the key to making time an illusion cause you’ll need infinitely more of it 😉


Tell us more about the shEOS Foundation and the shEOS scholarships.

We are honored to partner with Kingsland University to unveil the first round of scholarships in 2019, as well as a non-profit fundraising entity that will support transparent giving on the blockchain. Our program will foster tech literacy and include a mindfulness component to enrich both mind and body, so that our scholars approach technology with a thoughtful, humanistic perspective.


shEOS has introduced EOS21 – a protocol to move ERC20 tokens to EOS. Are you preparing other exciting products?

Yes! Our commitment to positioning the EOS network for success continues. Stay tuned for details in a few weeks…. 🙂


What are your plans for 2019?

We are fresh off announcements of the EOS21 Protocol and the shEOS Foundation, we will continue to nurture both of those developments into 2019.  We’re also teaming up with fellow block producers to grow EOS through community education, events and nurturing developer talent (especially female developers.)

Several of our founders are growing parallel projects on EOS, including Vivie Ann Bakos’ collaboration with Emanate, the new audio exchange protocol dApp, to onboard musicians and DJs; and Crystal Rose who is migrating the tokens for her decentralized messaging platform SENSE over to EOS.


shEOS is founded by amazing and successful businesswomen. What is your message/advice to all women taking the path of becoming an entrepreneur?

Crystal Rose:

Do it. 🙂

Entrepreneurship is innately within all of us. It allows us to share our gifts with the world while also sustaining our livelihood. It definitely isn’t easy to be your own boss, however. Running a company requires a balance of creativity, business acumen, skills with numbers, ability to manage a team and above all, a tough stomach. You have to be resilient to failure and release all ideals of perfectionism. Leverage relationships and ignore all stigma – there are so many people out in the world looking to help you. Community is deeply important. Find your tribe and surround yourself with people who understand your vision. Gender really doesn’t matter, just like age or any other human characteristic. A good attitude, motivation to positively impact the world and willingness to ask for help are a good starting point.

shEOS team


What is the most challenging thing about being a businesswoman?

Pamela Day: the most challenging part about being a businesswoman, is the fact that it’s still considered a business woman and not just a business person. Here’s what I mean…

If we were in a place in society where all people were equal, I wouldn’t be considered a businesswoman I’d be considered a person who does business, who happens to be a woman.
But instead I get this extra adjective, which comes with all these contradictions based on societal norms.
So when someone meets me and sees what I look like, and then finds out what I do for a living they often say “oh”, with a look of surprise. That means that I am already at a disadvantage to get my business point across, whatever that may be. I have to try harder, I have to seem more intense, I have to know my subject matter better…..
To get over the stigma I just have to be that much better than a male counterpart.  So the hardest part about being a businesswoman is having to be approximately 30% better than your competitors and counterparts at all times simply based on your gender.

How do you find inspiration?

Most of us find inspiration in the potential to use our skills, and our network of talented colleagues to solve problems and ultimately make people’s lives better. Blockchain technology has the potential to bank the unbanked, grow alternative energy economies, and enable peer to peer transacting on a level that will revolutionize human interaction around the globe. We’re all inspired by the power of this technology to improve our world. That potential is what keeps us up at night, and gets us out of bed in the morning.

What’s your favorite quote?

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

How can people reach you?

Steemit | Twitter | Medium | reddit | YouTube | Facebook | Instagram | Telegram

Where can they meet the shEOS team?

Our team speaks prominently at technology events around the world. Stay tuned to our social channels for announcements about shEOS event participation, and say hello. 🙂