EOS Bulgaria

Since the beginning, one of our goals at Infinite X Labs as a company specializing in blockchain development and consulting was to constantly produce and deliver high-quality value to the community and our clients.

We fight for what’s right and what’s needed even when the odds are not in our favor. We are part of a rapidly growing technology and it’s not always easy but we love every millisecond of it.

With the time passing, we started to see the need of an EOS community in different places where it was missing. The need of an ecosystem to support and help the people leading the fight alone.

We’re about to change that.

No matter EOS, Telos or Worbli. If you’re building on top of EOSIO you’re one of us and you are not alone!


What is EOS Bulgaria?

EOS Bulgaria represents an ecosystem/community. We are driven by the passion to create a sustainable ecosystem connecting businesses, entrepreneurs, investors, and developers building on top of EOSIO starting from Bulgaria and Southeastern Europe.

That’s why everything we do, say or create is driven and represents one of our three core values in EOS Bulgaria.



the people believing in the power of the technology

One of the secret powers of EOS is hidden in its community. So many people from different countries, with different cultures and languages and yet they are united by a single mission to build a better future through EOSIO.

We take the level even further in uniting the parts of an ecosystem and make it even more powerful and sustainable.

Uniting businesses, entrepreneurs, investors, and developers believing in the power of the technology we create the perfect ecosystem for an EOSIO dApp to be born and raised.

As the Bulgarians always love to say: “United, we stay strong”



the next generation of applications and companies

The ecosystem will provide us with the strong basics to build the next generation of applications.

We’re already witnessing the true power of the blockchain technology in some of the applications build on top of EOSIO. In 2019 this will go even further as more and more businesses realize the need and the possibilities of the technology.



the world and the Future

With every innovation, with every new product or service, we change the life of many people. We’re moving the world forward and creating a better Future for our children.


Are you building the next great idea on top of EOSIO? We are here for you.

Being a part of the EOS Bulgaria ecosystem means you have friends which will always support and help you in your journey.

We’ll fight for you and your idea.

Write to us at eos.bulgaria@infinitexlabs.com and join the adventure.



We have monthly EOS Meetups in Sofia, Bulgaria where we spreading the knowledge of EOSIO. Join our meetup here: https://www.meetup.com/EOS-Developers-EOS-Bulgaria/


Be part of EOS Bulgaria: Telegram | Twitter