Infinite X Ambassador Program - Blockchain & DLT Solutions

Infinite X Ambassador Program

September just started but we can’t wait to share with you our next step toward embracing the global Blockchain & DLT stage. For the past few months, we have been working on a new initiative that will connect us even further with our global community. It will also give us the opportunity to deliver back…

Blockchain and DLT News: X-Force Weekly 11 Business, Development, EOSIO, Ethereum, EOS

Blockchain & DLT News: X-Force Weekly 11

A large number of businesses are exploring Blockchain and DLT as a potential solution for their business problems. At the same time, the industry is developing at high speed and catching up with everything is nearly impossible. At Infinite X Labs we specialize in Blockchain and DLT, and thanks to our extensive experience in the…

Library and memories

The Blockchain of history

Every society stores important information about itself. The whole of history, from the beginning of time to this very second, is one huge blockchain in essence — it represents information about past events, which are timestamped and linked together based on which event occurred when.