EOSMeet-up EOS Developers Meet-up #1

EOS Developers Meet-up #1

The first EOS Developers Meet-up in Sofia, Bulgaria is a fact. On the 5th of September, we held the first EOS Developers Meet-up. The main theme was “First Steps in EOS Blockchain Development”. During the event, we had a Live Demo where we created a simple Factory for creating robots on the EOS Blockchain.

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The Blockchain of history

Every society stores important information about itself. The whole of history, from the beginning of time to this very second, is one huge blockchain in essence — it represents information about past events, which are timestamped and linked together based on which event occurred when.

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BlockchainEOSTutorials EOS First Steps

First Steps in EOS Blockchain Development

Last year was really epic for the blockchain startups. Thanks to the Ethereum Blockchain and the opportunities it gave to the developers to create decentralized applications a lot of blockchain companies had been born. Ethereum started the spark of the blockchain development when it introduced the Solidity language and the Smart Contracts – the building…

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