BlockchainEOS Trusted Token Offering - TTO

The Trust Utility Protocol  -  the end of ICO era

At Infinite X Labs and EOS Bulgaria, we believe the retail investor participation in funding start-ups is critical if the blockchain sector is to realise its full disruptive potential. We are pleased to announce we’re partnering with SignalX to bring their Trusted Token Offering (TTO) service to market to restore investor confidence in blockchain venture funding.

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EOS EOS Bulgaria

EOS Bulgaria – creating the next generation of businesses

Since the beginning, one of our goals at Infinite X Labs as a company specializing in blockchain development and consulting was to constantly produce and deliver high-quality value to the community and our clients. We fight for what’s right and what’s needed even when the odds are not in our favor. We are part of…

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EOSIn the BlockLight In the BlockLight | Chapter 2 - shEOS

In the BlockLight | Chapter 2 – shEOS

Today is an exceptional day for In the BlockLight! We’re thrilled to have the 1st Female Founded EOS Blockchain Block Producer. Yes, you know already who we are talking about – the one and only shEOS. We want to dedicate this interview to all women, young girls and women entrepreneurs. Follow your dreams and never…

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In the BlockLightInterviews In the BlockLight

In the BlockLight

Today is a special day at Infinite X Labs. We’re more than excited to launch and share with you our new blog series – In the BlockLight. What is “In the BlockLight” and why is so unique? At Infinite X Labs, we believe the community is the driving force of every new technology and the…

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EOSMeet-up EOS Developers Meet-up #1

EOS Developers Meet-up #1

The first EOS Developers Meet-up in Sofia, Bulgaria is a fact. On the 5th of September, we held the first EOS Developers Meet-up. The main theme was “First Steps in EOS Blockchain Development”. During the event, we had a Live Demo where we created a simple Factory for creating robots on the EOS Blockchain.

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Blockchain Blockchain, solutions and ideas

Blockchain, solutions and ideas

Blockchain technology showed that it can make many operations more efficient and enable new business initiatives. As a result, more and more businesses, organisation and institutions are starting to realise the positive effect it can have on their activities.

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BlockchainGuest Bloggers Library and memories

The Blockchain of history

Every society stores important information about itself. The whole of history, from the beginning of time to this very second, is one huge blockchain in essence — it represents information about past events, which are timestamped and linked together based on which event occurred when.

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BlockchainEOSTutorials EOS First Steps

First Steps in EOS Blockchain Development

Last year was really epic for the blockchain startups. Thanks to the Ethereum Blockchain and the opportunities it gave to the developers to create decentralized applications a lot of blockchain companies had been born. Ethereum started the spark of the blockchain development when it introduced the Solidity language and the Smart Contracts – the building…

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