Blockchain, solutions and ideas

Blockchain technology showed that it can make many operations more efficient and enable new business initiatives. As a result, more and more businesses, organisation and institutions are starting to realise the positive effect it can have on their activities. The adoption is accelerating because it offers benefits other technologies cannot easily replicate.
To cite one example is the digitization and authentication of complex records like land holdings. India, like many countries, has problems with land titles and ownership and this is where Blockchain is of great use. Another similar use case in Sweden, which is putting all its land records on Blockchain and it, will quickly move towards doing land transfers and ownership verification using the technology.

Apart from the given examples, Blockchain can make a difference in a number of industries. Moreover, it is incredible that the possibilities are getting more every day. Not sure how Blockchain can help your business? It would be a pleasure for us to suggest get in touch now.

How to choose the right Blockchain solution

Putting Blockchain to use would depend on the use case and you won’t believe how far the implementation can be stretched. Imagine you are a musician. As such, you want to ensure you receive royalties, whenever someone buys or listens to your music. Blockchain will ensure that for you. Imagine a having real-time indisputable record of real-time ownership. This solution will also go a step further enabling you to protect yourself against counterfeit.

Another case — you are building a Blockchain based data exchange that requires huge computational power. With hundreds of smart contracts to be managed per minute, your solution will now have to meet those unique demands. Therefore, you must also make sure you choose the right platform. In this scenario EOS based solution will be more efficient as it will provide the needed scalability.

Execution is important

You can see that there are numerous cases in which blockchain improves security, efficiency, and transparency. Choosing the right solution, however, is no less important than who the solution provider is. The blockchain is a vast world. Thousands of companies are experimenting with it every day. Is your business to be treated like an experiment? If the answer is no. Then make sure you trust your idea to those who will give it as much value as you do.
There is no shortage of consultants. You will find loads of them. For example, the person who used to work for a famous company, the mate who guided a well-known franchise and a bunch you have never heard of.

Seeking solutions to problems is a legitimate function of a consultant and many can show evidence of doing so. Experience, however, dictates that finding the root of the problem is crucial. As attending it will ensure that, the issue never arises again. So how do you make sure that you are working with the right professionals? Find those that will work on your idea as if it is their own. How to recognise them? A first thing to look at is passion. Find those that are passionate about what they do. You can recognize them because they tend to go the extra mile even when they have nothing to gain. Another sound indicator is their active participation in the development in the industry. Companies deliver on that usually by engaging actively with the community also delivering value. Look out for obvious and easy means of communication. Are they easy to reach? If they have a considerable presence. This is a positive sign. It hints that they are not afraid to display their work and activities, thus is fully licensed for whatever your needs.
Being an early adopter is never easy and we know that. This is why we have accumulated the experience and have already taken the risks ready for you. See how blockchain can help your business. Get in touch with us and we will give you an answer exclusively for your venture. Alternatively, if you think you already have a Blockchain idea that will change the world. We will help you deliver that change.